15th Anniversary Concert 2017

You are cordially invited to The Music Association of Auckland’s
15th Anniversary Concert, a significant year to celebrate our fifteen years of
Establishment in Auckland. We convey our multi-cultural community spirit
Through music. Please join us for a heartfelt and unforgettable evening!
Sunday, September 3rd, 2017 at 7:00 pm
Baradene Concert Hall
237 Victoria Avenue, Remuera
[Tickets information: 0800 588 118; General Admission $15, VIP $50]
For more information about MAA, please visit us on Facebook or http://maa.net.nz

Programme 節目單
MAA Music Director / Conductor: Fang Ni 奧克蘭音樂協會音樂總監 / 指揮:方妮
Tenor: Johnson Kwok 男高音:郭垕枏
Soprano: Fiona Bai 女高音:白光耀
MAA Folk Song Duo: Iris Cheng, Mary Gu 民歌組合:鄭毛燕美, 顧蔚
MAA Male Quartet: Johnson Kwok, John Yeh, Max Liu, Fu XueDong, Zhi JianPing
男聲四重唱: 郭垕枏、葉保慶、劉書鋒、付學東、職建平
Special Guests 特邀演出:
• Auckland Camerata Chorus, Conductor: Dr. JuCheol Wang 韓國合唱團
• The Encore Duo: Su’e Masinamua, Larry Nimalota Johnson 太平洋民歌組合

Songs By MAA 團體合唱的歌曲
The Lanterns 鬧花燈
Shangrila 香格里拉
Nightingale 小夜鶯
Happy Snowflakes 雪花的快樂
My Hometown, Your Dream 我的家鄉、你的夢鄉
Half Moon Rising 半個月亮爬上來
Special selections of Chinese, Western & Korean repertoires
Hallelujah 哈里路亞
Folk Songs Around The World 世界民歌
Drumbeat of The Rebels 漁陽鼙鼓動地來
Joy Of The Mongolian 歡樂的那達慕
Vineyard Nocturne 葡萄園夜曲
Blue Night, Blue Dream 藍藍的夜、藍藍的夢
Red River / Spring 滿江紅 / 春天裡
Tupulaga 太平洋民歌
The Lady of Ulsan 韓國民歌
Vissi D’arte, Vissi D’amore 為藝術、為愛情
Non t’amo piu 我不再爱你
Top Of The World 世界顛峯
Amazing Grace 奇異恩典
• Accompanist – Joanna Wu, Momotaro Miura

Supported By 贊助: Foundation North, Albert Eden Local Board, COGS – Auckland & Manukau, Dragon Community Trust, The Lion Foundation, Four Winds Foundation, Yeung Family & Lowe Family Trust.